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Pharmacy School Interview Questions

Registration as a pharmacist requires an undergraduate or post graduate degree in Pharmacy through a recognized university. Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharm.) is a four or five year course and it is offered by pharmacy schools. To enroll in a pharmacy school, you need to submit your personal statement of purpose (SoP) and then appear for an interview if your SoP is selected. This is an integral part of the application process. If you are an undergraduate in pharmacy and wish to pursue post graduation in the same, this is the right chance to make use of what you have learnt in classroom.

Prepare yourself according to whatever you have written in your SoP and go through this list of the most frequently asked sample interview questions in pharmacy schools.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself.

Answer 1: This is something that is demanded in almost every interview. It creates a platform for the interview and allows you start a conversation with the interviewer. You need not explain your life story here from birth to the present day, but just a short introduction is adequate. Mention relevant facts about your education, career and your current academic or work status.

Question 2: What was your most favorite or most difficult subject in high school?

Answer 2: This is a question that you must answer intelligently. Never indicate your strong dislike towards any of your academic subjects. Make sure that you mention your most favorite subjects, but mention other subjects as well, which are less favorite. If you answer ‘I just cannot handle this particular subject and I can never gain mastery over it’, your answer might create a wrong impression about you in the interviewer’s mind. The interviewer might come to the conclusion that you are not sincere, hard working, and dedicated towards your studies. Therefore, answer this question wisely.

Question 3: Why are you choosing this career?

Answer 3: It is advisable that you give an honest answer here, because the next question from the interviewer might depend upon your answer to this question. Here you need to elaborate a little about your interests in this subject, how you developed your skills in this field, and about your plans for this career, and your relevant work and achievements.

Question 4: Why are you choosing our pharmacy program?

Answer 4: This is a tricky question and you need to be diplomatic while answering it. Do your home work before the interview. You are supposed to know where the course that you wish to apply for, is offered other than this particular school. If you have some details about the course and the dental schools offering it, you can easily articulate the added advantages of the school over all the others that offer the same pharmacy program.

Question 5: What do you want to do after graduation or post graduation?

Answer 5: Be honest while answering this question. Whatever may be your answer, remember that it should reflect your passion, hard work, and your ability to plan your career. You can mention your plans whether you wish to continue higher education or wish to start earning as soon as possible. Do not forget to mention that if you want to work right after your graduation or post graduation, you are preparing for it and are ready to undertake responsibilities that are part of the job.

Question 6: What do you think is the most positive aspect of pharmacy?

Answer 6: This question is to test your level of knowledge in pharmacy. You are supposed to know the educational and career options in pharmacy and the scope for you, after you complete the program. You can also say that education in pharmacy enables you to enter the field of medical science and health-care without taking extensive medical education. It also offers a convenient and comfortable yet exciting work schedule along with good salary.

Question 7: What do you prefer to do in your free time? OR What are your hobbies?

Answer 7: Your activities in free time reflect your personality. Think twice before you answer this question. Answers such as ‘hanging out with friends’, ‘chilling’, and ‘roaming’ are usually not acceptable and helpful. The interviewer is not interested in such answers and what is expected is an answer that accentuates your creativity, productivity, and extra-curricular interests. It is better if you keep this session short so that the interviewer is not bored.

Question 8: How do you face challenging situations in your life?

Answer 8: The best way to answer this question is not to become very personal. The interviewer just wants to test whether you possess the ability to solve your own problems and adapt to situations in life. Your answer should highlight your mental as well as physical strength.

Question 9: Where do you see yourself after 5-10 years?

Answer 9: It is not mandatory here to present your perfect future plans, but whatever you mention should bring forward your dedication, hard work, and compassion towards your work. Make sure that you mention your goal in life and that you have the determination required to achieve it. Being pretentious does not work, but being honest is certainly helpful.

Question 10: So, any questions for me?

Answer 10: This is a common question asked usually before ending the interview. If you have done your home work about the school, you would not ask questions whose answers are already present on the school’s website or brochure. This question tests your ability to interact and make a clear conversation, so just make sure that you ask relevant and logical questions.

Follow these guidelines in the interview in a pharmacy school since these will definitely help in facing the entire round confidently and to ultimately crack it.

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