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Seamed or Seamless Bra – Which One Should You Opt For?

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These days, there are so many different types of bras available in the market, that it gets difficult to pick one type. But the question here is, which bra type is better – seamed or seamless? Just like there is no one-size-fits-all bra available, there is also no one right answer available for that question. Whether you opt for a seamed or seamless bra depends entirely on which type you find most comfortable. While some women love wearing seamless bras, some others swear that seamed bras offer the best support. If you are caught in the middle of this debate and are not sure which type of bra you should go in for, then let us shed some light on both types of bras and when to wear which to help you make your decision.

Seamed Bra

Seamed bras are ones that have seams running through the cups. The bra cups are made up of two or more pieces of fabrics. Seamed bras offer better support as the seams allow for better definition of the shape and size of the cups.

Types of Seams

The type of seam will determine the shape of the cup which in turn will affect the way the bra supports and defines your breasts.

Bras with horizontal seams give a more projected and conical shape to the cups.

Vertical centre seams offer an uplifting look as well as offer good support.

Diagonal seams will make the breasts look more centred and will offer an uplifting effect.

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