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Is there something about physics that you just don’t understand? Have you always wanted to know how oil is found but didn’t know who to ask? Need some science help? Schlumberger experts can answer your most puzzling science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) questions for free.

Ask your toughest science questions here:

If this is your first time submitting a question to the SEED Experts, please read the guidelines. Our experts are located in different cities around the world, and they are also hard at work at their regular jobs, so our answer may take up to two weeks.

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You can also see many of the science questions that have baffled other readers over the years. Did you ever want to know why the sky is blue? Or how the shape of a parachute affects its performance? Browse our topics to find answers to some of the most challenging science questions presented to our experts.

SEED also offers a free mobile device app for “Ask the Experts.” Visit your Apple or Android app store and search for “ask experts” to find it.

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