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Dentistry Services in Narellan

Prevention is better than a cure! At Somerset Dental Care, we recommend that you book a check-up and have your teeth cleaned every six months.

Restorative dental treatment is all about fillings, bridges, crowns – anything that restores the look of a full set of healthy teeth so that you can smile with confidence.

Commonly referred to as a root canal , endodontic therapy is a sequence of treatments for the pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection.

Sometimes, extraction is the only option available. Talk to our qualified dentists for expert advice.

News & Tips From Our Dentists

Ask a dentist

Why are my gums sore? (Video Q A with Dr Shakti)

One of the many questions we get asked is Why are my gums sore? . So we asked Dr. Shakti Gounden for his thoughts on the matter. Find out more.

Ask a dentist

Brushing techniques: just in case you forgot

When it comes to maintaining good oral hygiene, there are many steps and processes you can use to do so; flossing, mouthwash, specialised diet, etc. However, one of the most effective, and widely used methods for ensuring high quality oral hygiene is brushing. Yet, what is not known to many

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Are store bought juices and smoothies good for your teeth?

When it comes to trying to eat healthy, most people will do their best to avoid carbs and noticeable sugars, which is a good thing. Most of the time this can be done by making food and drink yourself at home and taking it with you. But this is not

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Say hi to Danielle

You might have noticed some new faces at Somerset Dental Care during your recent visit. Over the coming months we’ll endeavour to introduce you to the new members of the team. Danielle Mewburn is our new Dental Assistant/Front Office Co-ordinator. We’d like you to join us in welcoming Danielle to

Ask a dentist


As a kid, fillings always seemed to be the concern of those older than us, not something we thought we would ever have to worry about. Every so often you would catch a glimpse of a silver/grey patch on the underside of an adult’s teeth. However, in some parts of

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  • Ask a dentist

Ask a dentist

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