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Easy SQL Server spreadsheet access

B.C. provides world-class SQL Server consultants and all B.C. consultants exceed the highest qualifications in the industry to ensure that our client’s receive world-class SQL Server support and SQL Server consulting services:

SQL Server Migration This is a popular SQL Server migration service where your specific needs are diagnosed and specific SQL Server new features are identified for your database.

Remote SQL Server DBA Support – B.C. Remote DBA SQL Server Support offers world-class remote SQL Server support for companies that are too small to have a full-time SQL Server DBA. We offer Remote DBA, SQL Server Support, and remote SQL Server services.

SQL Server Consulting Senior SQL Server consultants are available for all areas of SQL Server support. Common SQL Server consulting support activities include short-term SQL Server tuning, SQL Server database troubleshooting, SQL Server 2005 migration, SQL Server design reviews and SQL Server requirements evaluation support. SQL Server support and SQL Server consulting consulting services are priced by the hour, so you only pay for what you need. These one-time SQL Server consulting services commonly include:

Answering questions from your SQL Server DBA technical staff

  • Repairing down production SQL Server database systems
  • One-time SQL Server tuning evaluation
  • Guru support for your SQL Server DBA
  • Installation of SQL Server application packages
    • SQL Server Training This is a popular option for SQL Server shops who want a world-class SQL Server instructor at reasonable rates. Burleson-designed SQL Server education courses are consistently top-rated, and we provide on-site SQL Server training and SQL Server classes at standards that exceed those of other SQL Server education providers.
    • SQL Server Tuning BC has Microsoft certified DBA staff to assist with any SQL Server tuning issues. We specialize in finding and correcting database bottlenecks and maximizing SQL Server Windows resources for optimal performance.

      SQL Server Monitoring BC offers a complete SQL Server monitoring package, installed and tested on your server.

      SQL Server Data Warehouse As the author of High-Performance SQL Server Data Warehousing. Burleson is often called upon to provide SQL Server DBA support for SQL Server data warehouse projects.

      SQL Server Design SQL Server Performance Reviews This is great insurance before your SQL Server database goes live. The SQL Server Performance consulting review ensures that your application will be able to support production user volumes and that it will perform according to your specifications.

      SQL Server System Development We have a staff of systems development experts with significant real-world experience to ensure success with the creation maintenance of your custom computer system. We support all phases of systems development from initial analysis to application coding.

      SQL Server Applications Support B.C. offers world-class SQL Server Applications support.

      For more information, or to schedule an on-site visit, just call us for speak with a certified SQL Server DBA:

      Burleson SQL Server Consulting also has a vast network of SQL Server consulting contacts and we can supply SQL Server professionals for all SQL Server projects, from short SQL Server engagements to large-scale SQL Server projects. BC only employees consultants with extensive experience and knowledge.

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