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Program | 900 hours

​The Audio Technologies Core program is designed to provide a solid foundation for a career in audio. The Core consists of a combination of theory and practice. Students will be expected to comprehend these fundamental principles as well as demonstrate how they can be applied. Once the student completes the core curriculum they are able choose from a group of electives, or “Concentration”, for their fourth quarter that will prepare them for a more specific career field within the audio-related industries.


Program | 900 hours

​The Music and Entertainment Management and Production (MEMP) program is designed for students who have occupational goals aligned with artist and personnel management, live show production, and in the various business areas that support the music and entertainment industries.

recording & mixing

Program | 225 Hours

Designed by industry greats to prepare students for a career in recording and mixing music.

live sound
& a/v

Program | 225 Hours

​Designed to provide students a doorway into the lucrative world of AV.

game audio & sound for picture

Program | 225 Hours

​Designed to expose students to the techniques required to work in audio production and post production for film, television and video games.

music production & artist development

Program | 225 Hours

​Designed to develop students production skills as well as provide them with the knowledge and tools to monetize their creations.

IAR is proud to announce the opening of its new performance space located on the second floor of 64 University place. Students, faculty, staff and alumni will be able to use the space to promote artists and hold live events from theater readings to press conferences.

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Your Future in Audio Begins Here

​The Audio Technologies (AT) program is designed for student success.

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