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No troll questions or answers. (i.e. What s 1 + 1, who is the President, etc.) These belong in /r/ShittyAdvice .

No open-ended or what-if questions. These questions have multiple if not an infinite amount of answers and ask users to share their opinions, thoughts, beliefs, and/or personal experiences. These belong in /r/AskReddit. /r/WhatIf. or /r/FutureWhatIf no matter how stupid and/or embarrassing they are. You should ask questions with straight answers. However, you are allowed to ask poll/survey type questions only if they have pre-determined options as answers.

Follow the rules of Reddit. This should be obvious and go by without saying.

Reddiquette is encouraged. You don t have to follow it, but it s recommended you do.

Do not doxx, threaten, bully or harass other users. Doxxing is a huge offense. A petty insult or taunt is fine, but do not go overboard.

Cursing is allowed, but keep it at a minimum. Excessive swearing is considered a violation of Rule #3 (spamming) and Rule #4.

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