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How to Change the Address on Your Drivers License in Tennessee

1. Get Started With Drivers License Address Change Assistance Online

You are required to change the address on your drivers license if you have recently moved within your state or changed your mailing address. Depending on your state and county of residence, this request can be filed online, by mail or in person. To do so online, you must fill out an electronic application form and pay for any applicable fees. Our guide contains everything you need to know to change your address on your drivers license. You will also learn how to complete other important drivers license services, such as renewal and replacement.

Certain states allow you to change the address on your drivers license by mail. However, it is important to note that this method is not always available to all applicants. If eligible, motorists may change their drivers license addresses by filling out an application form and sending it to a specific DMV mailing address, along with identification documents and payment for the applicable fees. Because processing times are required, this option may take longer than others. To minimize this wait time, make sure to attach all the required paperwork to your application form.

3. In Person at a DMV Office

In order to update your drivers license address in person, you will need to fill out an address change application and submit it, along with documents that identify you as a state motorist. Then, you need to submit an acceptable payment method for the applicable fees, which will include the fee for a duplicate if you want an updated license. If you visit the DMV unprepared, you may not be able to update the address on your drivers license. To avoid long wait times or having to visit the DMV a second time, make sure that you have gathered sufficient proof of your identity and your address change before your visit.

A drivers license change of address in Tennessee in necessary for current residents if they move to a new residential address within the state. A TN drivers license address change is also mandatory for out-of-state motorists who move to Tennessee and establish TN residence. New TN residents who need to change the address on drivers license information may do so by transferring their out-of-state driving credentials into new ones issued by the DSHS.

When changing drivers license address information, motorists may complete the procedure through one of the available methods offered by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS). Motorists who wish to learn how to change drivers license address records may continue reading below for more information.

Instances Where You Must Change Your Address on Your Tennessee Drivers License

Updating drivers license address in Tennessee is a procedure that motorists must complete after moving from one place of residence to another within the state. A driving license change of address is also necessary for new TN residents who have moved to Tennessee and need to transfer their out-of-state driving credential. Drivers who have incorrect address information printed on their license should apply for an address change as soon as possible.

The TN DHSH requires drivers to change address on DMV license records, although immediately updating the physical license is not mandatory. Drivers can choose to change drivers license address credentials after updating their records, if desired. Residents may continue reading below to learn where to change address on drivers license in Tennessee and about the available methods for provided by the DSHS.

Tennessee Drivers License Address Change Time Limits

The Tennessee DSHS requires motorists to update drivers license address records within 10 days of their move from one residential address to another. Drivers need to update address on DMV license records in order to provide the TN DHSH with their correct residential and mailing address for all important DSHS correspondence. New TN residents must transfer their license after establishing residency in Tennessee.

Failure to finalize the DMV license change of address process may result in serious consequences related to the issuance of future driver’s license. For instance, drivers who do not notify the DHSH of their DMV license address change can miss their drivers license renewal date and face consequences for drivng with an expired license.

Online Drivers License Address Changes in Tennessee

The fastest and easiest way to apply for a Tennessee DMV license address change is by completing the online request form through the TN Department of Safety and Homeland Security website. To begin the online service for DMV license change of address, you must provide the following information:

  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Tennessee driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number (SSN)

After providing these personal details, you simply need to follow the online prompts. The online DMV license address change does not charge for updating DSHS records, although you can choose to order a duplicate license online with your updated address, if desired.

How to Change Your Address on Your Tennessee Drivers License in Person

Another method for changing TN drivers license address records is through in-person services at DSHS service centers. Individuals may change addresses on drivers licenses by appearing in person at a local DHSH office and completing a change of address form.

The TN DMV license address change form must contain the applicant’s full name, date of birth, Social Security Number, Tennessee driver’s license number and current and previous addresses. Motorists who have made a legal name change will be required to provide proof of the name change as well. Residents who change drivers license address records may order a replacement license with their new address, if desired.

How to Change Your Address on Your Tennessee Drivers License by Mail

To change addresses on TN drivers license records, motorists may mail a letter to the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS). Residents who submit a drivers license address update by mail may order a duplicate license online or in person at a DSHS office to have credentials that reflect their change of residence. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Tennessee driver’s license number
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Old address, new address and county of residence

Changing Tennessee drivers license address information by mail updates DHSH records at no cost to the applicant.

How to Transfer Your Drivers License as a New Tennessee Resident

New residents who want to change the address on drivers license in Tennessee must transfer their out-of-state driving credentials and apply for a new TN driver’s license in person at a DSHS office. The procedure for changing drivers license address information and transferring out-of-state credentials requires motorists to provide the following documents:

  • A current driver’s license or certified copy of driving record.
  • Proof of name change.
  • Two current proofs of Tennessee residency.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful presence.
  • Proof of a Social Security Number (SSN) or the relevant affidavit.

In addition to these documents, new residents must surrender their out-of-state driver’s licenses, pass any necessary DSHS examinations and provide payment for a new TN license.

Tennessee DMV Address Change Fees

To finalize the Tennessee DMV license address update procedure, you must provide payment for the applicable address change fees. Changing driving license address records is free of charge unless you order a replacement license.

If you are a new resident transferring your out of state credentials, you must pay for a new TN driving license. Your first duplicate license will cost you $8. Any additional replacement licenses will cost you $12.

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How to Change the Address on Your Drivers License in Tennessee

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