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The Best Of The Best Wealth Management Firms

Are you looking for a fee-only registered investment advisor (RIA ) but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck.

They factored in several metrics to come up with a financial advisor ranking, including assets under management. the number of professionally-designated CFP or CFA staffers on staff, number of years in the business, and the past five years of annualized growth. The formula was then applied to Meridian-IQ’s RIA database to come up with the top 100 firms. In the event of a tie, the firm with greater assets under management was placed higher. The full list, which also includes location, contact information and average account size, can be found here. (For related reading, see:Paying Your Investment Advisor: Fees or Commissions )

The final step in creating the list entailed applying a compliance review, which checked all the names for complaints of misconduct with state regulators, insurance commissioners, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Any firms that had any actions or complaints leveled against them were taken off the list. (For related reading, see:Fiduciary Designations For Financial Advisors )

The ranking, which includes each firm’s web address and total assets under management, is as follows:

3. Wescott Financial Advisory Group

5. Point View Wealth Management

15. Lodestar Private Asset Management

18. Jackson Thornton Asset Management

19. Jones Barclay Boston Co.

24. Warren Averett Asset Management

25. LBMC Investment Advisors

26. Durbin Bennett Peterson Private Wealth Management

27. Capital Performance Advisors LLP

28. Windham Brannon Financial Group

37. South Texas Money Management

40. Beaird Harris Wealth Management

41. Sandhill Investment Management

43. Schenck Investment Solutions

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