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RPF-Inkotanyi presidential candidate Paul Kagame has told voters in Gicumbi District that his government will not let them down once voted back in the top office, pledging to further develop the region and the entire country.

  • AS CANDIDATES make final pitches ahead of Friday s presidential elections, Frank Habineza, of the Democratic Green Party of Rwanda, has pledged to construct agro-processing plants to add value to various crops and boost income of farmers.

  • Presidential candidate Paul Kagame, has described present-day Rwanda as a unique state which has come up with uncommon ways of conducting business and must be seen as exactly that.

  • Independent presidential candidate Philippe Mpayimana is confident that Rwandans living abroad will vote for him more favourably than the other candidates. Mpayimana said that although he didn t hold any campaign rallies out of the country, he.

  • African Union election observers are expected to commence their activities in the country today ahead of Friday s presidential election. The deployment by AU Commission Chairperson Faki Mahamat follows an invitation by the Government to observe the.

    Milestone, the theme for this month s Spoken Word Rwanda gathering was apt. Six years ago, two ambitious young Rwandans set out with nothing more than passion to create something different, something entertaining but also educational and inspirational; something through which people could freely express themselves.

    I think most people would say yes and rightly so. Recent Research findings suggest that money does indeed buy happiness. Money is not everything but it goes a long way.

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    Pauline Nyiramahirwe was orphaned when she was a toddler. Today, the 24-year-old has no vivid recollection of the incidents that led to her parents death.

    Lulu Karangwa is the founder of Childcare at Workplace Organisation (CWO). The organisation focuses on supporting low-income mothers, mostly market vendors, to lessen the burden that comes with juggling work and raising children. She had a chat with Women Today s Donah Mbabazi about her initiative.

    I was filled with joy that brought a lump to my throat on hearing the RPF candidate pronounce these words: They dug a hole for us, put us in it and buried us. But they didn t know we were seeds that would grow. Rwandans became seeds; they grew tall and.

    Rwandans go to the polls on August 4 to elect their President for the next seven years. As Rwandans exercise their fundamental and constitutional rights, some outsiders are trying to meddle in their business.

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    G.S Institute Filippo Smaldone in Nyamirambo, a Kigali suburb, provides inclusive education where pupils with hearing problems and some with mental disabilities study with their normal counterparts. In P1 and P2, they have separate classes for the deaf, while from P3 to S3 all students, irrespective of their condition, study.

    Kenia Kaze is an 11 year old pupil. She usually spends her holidays with the maid as her parents have to be away at work most of the time. Her greatest wish is to spend the holiday with her grandparents as a way of changing the environment and experiencing another.

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