Thought-Provoking Images That Will Leave You Speechless, thought provoking questions.#Thought #provoking #questions

Thought-Provoking Images That Will Leave You Speechless

Thought provoking questions

There is simplicity in beauty. Full Bio

Thought provoking questions

Sometimes you just want to shed the layers of yourself that have been hiding who you really are. Choo-San has displayed a work of art (shown below) that expresses the essence of the human condition. The inner self is always protected by the many layers of the of psyche that encapsulate the soul.

When you look at a painting, image, or design do you think of complex issues that could be discussed in length? These examples of thought-provoking images playfully tackle difficult themes through striking visual design.

Thought provoking questions

An artist wants you to think when you look at their work, and some are better than others. You can look at a painting of a tree and think of a tree you saw, but an illustration of a tree that is surreal demonstrates an idea or makes a statement about society which can make you think a great deal more. These images make you think about more than just what you see. You think about what it means and how that can relate to you or other people.

People want to understand how the world works; however, these images only bring up more questions about who we are. Below, Henry Fuseli depicts a demented person with a demon on their chest. He’s no doubt making a statement about society as it was then.

Thought provoking questions

Henry Fuseli, “The Nightmare”

Artist Pawel Kuczynski’s work represents the reflection of society that can be witnessed in others. In his art below, the two contrasting children could represent the division of society often seen in Pawel’s work. The denigration and discrimination of one part of society by another can separate or unite these contrasting views. When Facebook controls every one of our waking moments is there anything that can’t escape their gaze? These modern issues are discussed through a visual dialogue.

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