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Top 10 Communications Degree Jobs

Got a degree in communications and don’t know what to do with it? Relax.

Fields exist that need more communications majors right now! Here is a list of the top ten communications degree jobs.

Different organizations need people to facilitate the mechanics of the business. Because of this, they need good communication. Employers see people who specialize in this as assets to the facilitation of their business, especially if they have good communications skills.
Examples of corporate jobs that need more communication majors
-Employee Relations
-Corporate Communications Specialist
-Development Officer

Firms pay very willingly for men and women to encourage people towards corporate goals. For instance, if someone talks persuasively, especially if one can support their words with statistics, a firm will pay more for that person to encourage employees to work harder. Also, businesses pay for people who can help their representatives speak well in front of others.

8. Professional lobbying

Like fighting for a cause? If so, becoming a professional lobbyist may be the idea career. Lobbyists work for large firms, unions, and professional groups of public interest. Lobbyists need to be energetic, outgoing, and determined. However, firms pay very highly for people who will fight for their cause.

7. College admissions

Universities need help engaging with college hopefuls about admission and communicating with them throughout the process. When looking for employment, try applying to colleges, universities, graduate schools, and seminaries. All need help maintaining enrollment and gathering more students.

6. Customer service representative

Communications majors succeed in this field because of their skill in finding solutions for customers and soothing their concerns. Because of the nature of the business, people need to have positive attitudes and sometimes tough skins to be most successful here.

In addition to marketing, communications majors play a big part in mediating between corporate and the press, protecting the company’s image. They want people to protect their image because consumers buy more when they believe the business is generally wholesome or looks out for the consumers’ best interest. To help with this, companies pay communications majors to help build bigger halos around their business, especially when controversy strikes.
Here are communication degree jobs for public relations:
-Public Relations Writer
-Public Affairs Officer
-Public Relations Officer

People like entertainment. People with communications degrees help add creativity and new perspectives to keep audiences coming back for more.
Example theater jobs that want communications degrees:
-Stage Technician

As long as businesses want their next almighty dollar, they will pay dearly for people to help them market their products. Companies love communications majors because if someone knows how to lure an audience to buy their product, he will always be an asset to them. The biggest advantage of this field is that companies always need marketing, and experience here makes each person more marketable.
Example marketing jobs that love communications degrees:
-Marketing Communications Specialist
-Special Events Coordinator

Companies need people to help in different aspects of media. Businesses employ people to help with television, radio, and commercials, for instance.
Example media jobs that want communications majors
-Media Services Director
-Media Relations
-Media Coordinator

Businesses want comm. majors in journalism. Since newspapers sell less in paper, more put their stories online. They still need communications majors to report and edit stories, for instance. Some people like to work within the actual business. Others like freelancing online. In addition to newspapers, many magazines also like those with communications degrees to freelance stories, articles, or features, and will generally pay nicely for these if they accept the submission.
Example of journalism jobs that love communications majors:
-News Writer

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