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Sometimes at the end of tracking process there will be human verification which means you will need to complete sponsored offer, it usually takes 1 min for whole process.

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Our new version of ask fm tracker online can track ip, email, location, and facebook profile. Let’s explain how we do this. Every IP address have associated email address with it so when we get someones email we can easily find out facebook profile based on email provided, even if person have hidden email on his FB profile.

The important thing to note is that this tool is web based so you don’t need to download anything on your PC, that means you are safe from viruses and other surveys. Most people offer some fake softwares to download on you pc which is fishy, also they only have feature to track IP nothing else.


We hope we explained to you guys how our tracker online works.

The ask fm in 2012 was having 5 million unique users and it has rapidly growing each month. Today this network have 155 millions unique registered users across 150 countries which is incredible growth for short amount of time. Ask fm are getting around 20k questions generated per 1 minute.

There are 50% percent users on mobile application that has been downloaded more than 45 million times. The network have feature to register under real name or fake name so people can recognize you when you writing question to someone and they can know to whom they writing question.

There are a lot of people who don’t register under real name and they post questions anonymously, most of people post some sexual content and abuse other persons, even police can’t do nothing about it because ask network don’t keep logs. There are cases with thousands of reports on cyberbullying and it’s impossible to find person who is behind keyboard.

That’s the main reason why we developed this ask fm hack to be able to track anonymous people in just few clicks. There are also signs of terrorism on this network, ISIS terrorists from arabic countries use this network to communicate and it’s really hard to find who is behind it. When network started there was a lot of bugs and they was having a lot of difficulties with servers because traffic was growing rapidly and servers could not support that amount of bandwidth so it was having a lot of downtimes.

Now it’s completely different story, they managed to buy new powerful servers and more backup servers in case main server fail. That is because they received a lot of donations and they manage to invest in these dedicated servers. There was reports about ask fm hack on their main server but that was false flag that some people raised.

More infos

Alot of young kids post on their facebook to other people to ask them questions also there is option for them to not allow rude questions and abusive language so it will be not posted on wall.

There is also option to buy gifts to other people and they can answer with video recording also instead of just text message. Alot of them use mobile application and it’s easier to use because some of PCs don’t have cameras but most of the phones have camera so it’s easy to record answers.

A lot of phedophiles are also there, they post questions just like other anonymous people so it’s hard to catch them, but with our tracker tool everything is possible, we keep adding new features every month so it’s ahead of any other tool available on market. The only disadvantage of is because they allow young people that are 13 years old an less to register on network, that can be dangerous for that kids and their parents are also responsible what they do on internet. have also parents FAQ and guide how to let kids in it and to make sure that everything is correct. This awesome idea and network is becoming more and more popular among young people because it’s unique and it is interesting to see what people can ask you and what other people think about you under anonymous network.

Also of people are scared about ask fm changing it’s policy to stop hiding other people that post question, but that will not happen because the main concept about this network is anonymity.

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