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About The Trader Joe’s App

To Our Valued Customers:

As of October 6, 2014, the Trader Joe s App will be unpublished from the App Store. This is not an end; rather, it is a vital part of a cycle of learning and growing. As such, also on October 20, 2014, will unveil a makeover.

In January, we introduced the Trader Joe s first ever non-edible APPlication. The primary intent of our app was to provide an exclusive, first look at the newest Trader Joe s Products. It invited our customers to partake in the storytelling via submission of comments and an evaluation of Yums. It also invited a steady stream of feedback, also known as The Wish List:

We wish the app had the Fearless Flyer and

We wish the app had a shopping list function and

We wish the app had recipes and

Ever striving to fulfill the dreams of our customers as related to our products, we took a step back and saw that we were well poised to address this growing wish list with our website better than on our app. Only, we needed to make our website more accommodating to the broad range of platforms and devices both big and small our customers use for these explorations.

Leveraging learning from our app, we launched a website redesign, retooling sections and drafting a fresh face that fits and functions as elegantly on a desktop as it does on a smart phone.

These efforts made our app redundant, at least as it exists in its current state. Because we are intent on managing our marketing resources smartly, so that our customers can rely on receiving best-in-town values on our products every day on October 6, 2014, we will say

Good morning,!

Thank you for taking a byte!

A Few Notes about The 10/6 Unpublishing of Trader Joe s App:

As of 10/6 current app users will no longer be able to engage with products, and no more products will be added.

Accounts will no longer allow access to comments or yums.

The app will not disappear off of devices. Should you wish to no longer have it, you will need to remove it.

No new users will be able to install the app on their iPhones.

Our plans for developing this app on the Android platform have also been put to rest, for now.

This is just good night, not good bye.

* To remove the App from your device, tap and hold the App icon on your home screen. When the icon begins to wiggle, release your finger and tap the x that has appeared in the top-left corner. This action will completely delete the app from your device.

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