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A startling new report outlines how President Trump tried to pressure top Republican lawmakers in the US Senate to end the Senate Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia.

Koch Latino Front Group Instructs Arizona Moms About School Vouchers

A year in advance of a historic showdown on school vouchers in Arizona, the Kochs have already launched a six-figure ad campaign through their front group, Libre Institute.

On the Brink of Calamity: The GOP Tax Plan Takes Center Stage

Truth questionsOver 100 protesters met at Greeley Square in Midtown Manhattan on November 27, 2017, and marched along 34th Street to raise awareness against the irresponsible Republican tax plan that cuts Medicare and increases health care costs for older New Yorkers. (Photo: Erik McGregor / Pacific Press / LightRocket via Getty Images)

The Republican “tax plan” is a shameless nightmare of lies and greed. It is the last stage of a corporate coup that has been slow-walking its intentions for decades. After hitting an unexpected series of snags yesterday evening, the final vote is scheduled for 11 am this morning. Passage still seems likely, but this is still Congress and these are still Republicans. We wait, we watch.


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National Park Service Withdraws Funding From Black Panther Party Project, but History Cannot Be Erased

The proposed Black Panther Party Research, Interpretation and Memory Project would have served as another mechanism to challenge racist history lessons by recovering a history of radical resistance in a form accessible to the public. But under pressure from the Fraternal Order of Police, the National Park Service has withdrawn its pledge to fund the project.

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    A Simple Checklist Inspires a New Kind of Activism

    What do a podcaster from Portland, an actor on the CBS drama “Criminal Minds” and a retired lawyer in central Iowa have in common? They’ve all become activists of sorts in the last year. What’s driving them is a simple weekly checklist compiled by another newbie activist: Salem, Oregon, writer Jen Hofmann. Hoffman started the Americans of Conscience Action Checklist a year ago, and now the newsletter, based in Salem, Oregon, has 70,000 subscriptions.

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