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seeing your NOTP on your dash, but understanding that it s their opinion and ur not a hater

A sickly-like child entered Freddy Fazbear s Pizzeria

You re welcome little one Bonnie smiled

Good thing I work in a hospital, said Redheart, J.R. is also my patient when she is there Then J.R. looks to the ground for some reason. Which reminds me J.R. says, After today I got a major surgery When J.R. said that her mother s mood saddened a bit for an odd reason.

Is something wrong miss Redheart? Bonnie asked

You can just call me Redheart, and it s sad because she s had so many surgeries on her heart Redheart said, If the surgery is a success then she ll be able to run like the other children

Well then fingers crossed it works! Bonnie crossed her fingers

You can visit tomorrow before I go into surgery in the afternoon if you like! J.R. said.

I ve got work tomorrow, I m sorry. Bonnie replied

It s alright. Then Redheart notices what time it is Oh my goodness, we better get going, almost time to check J.R. into her room, I ll let you know when she is alright, okay Bonnie?

Okay, here s the company s number just ask for me when you call. Bonnie handed her the business card.

Alright and with that Redheart takes the business card, picks up J.R. and exits, J.R. still hugging the teddy.

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