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I have written a software packag that takes in IT service calls. (Again, simple form.) All the data collected is maintained in an Oracle database.

What I would like to do is pre-fill-in the Your Name field or Your Logon ID or who it is that is currently logged into the browser’s host so I can pre-fill in the name field automagically for them.

I recognize the fact that being able to do this (simply) with HTML/JAVASCRIPTING/Web-Ser ver via the browser is certainly a controversial issue, (Imagine how nice it would be to know who it is that is logged on – because once you have that information – what’s possible.)

BUT, in that SAME regard, MS’ Outlook uses this principal. If the user is logged in (already) to the host via the domain, b IT /b doesn’t prompt for a username. The Application already knows who it is that is currently logged into the domain/host.

I am programming my application with Perl, CGI, running the Apache Web-Server. (On a Windows Server – (Not by MY choice))

CAN this be done? (Getting the logged-in username somehow, that is? So I can pre-fill in the application Name field for the end-user?

Thanks SO much for your time in advance.

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