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109 thoughts on Home

Clumping Cat litter ?s.

Trying to find a cat litter that is best for my cat(female) and me(have allergies).

Location- is in a private spot

Box- jumbo size (so has room)

Clean- scoop every time I ve noticed she has used the box, and brush any residue left on catchers and rug.

Odor- Do not like lingering urine smell

even after it s been scooped.

Clay- concerns bentonite

Silica- crystals no due to health concerns

Natural- I ve tried using several kinds.

I ve read about concerns of Aflatoxins associated with corn and wheat products. Now using clumping pine(have tried different brands). I ve sprinkled Arm + Hammer DD litter deodorizer over litter and mix in every time it s scooped. Still funky smell lingers.

?? Can I put pure baking soda underneath litter layer.

. Conclusion: Best litter for my cat-

safe,healthy for her, odor(urine)

low allergy content for me

Hi. I m not a vet. I just wanted to say that, that must be hard for you. Anyway I hope you find the perfect one and everything will be okay Ask a veterinarian

Agree with your opinions.

Gracias for message!

So I had a cat that had renal disease and My family and I now have 2 new cats. The litter I recommend is non-clumping but I love it! It works really well and doesn t really smell after they have used it. The brand is FELINE PINE nonclumping with no added fragrances It is a 20lb bag and the upc is 7 64375 81559 0 . Now I have used the smaller bag but for some reason I don t like it. The bigger bag material is different. You can get it at Wal-mart for 9ish dollars. It is worth the money and it works well. To make things better the litter comes in little chunks. When the cat pees in it the chunk absorbs the pee and the chunk falls apart. I like to use small amounts of the litter and change it everyday. However, you can use it for around a week depending how much the cat urinates. It s sort of hard to scoop out poop cause you will pick up some of the chunks of clean litter but that doesn t bother me much. As I ve said, it s well worth a try. ! Good Luck Ask a veterinarian

please help me, I don t have enough money to ask a vet because my mom won t let me. My cat, Pickles, is sick. He is always sneezing, he is losing hair, and his eyes are not in place. I couldn t try anything so I really need some advice. Is there anything that I can use at home to make my cat back to the way he was before? I would really appreciate it if someone were to reply. I m only 13 so that s why I don t have money .. I moved to this place so I don t really know if there is a vet here.

I hope you can help me. My cat was groomed last week and was given gas to put him into a sleep so he wouldn t bite. When he came home he kept walking like a drunk, falling over, and not being able to jump onto the counter. We took him back to the vets where he was groomed and they gave him some liquid to hydrate him. He still is the same 2 days later. Is this a reaction to the gas? What could be wrong with him? We dropped off a healthy cat to be groomed and we got back a cat that just sleeps and can t walk or jump. I am very worried and don t know what to do. I want some info before I take him back to the vet tomorrow. Thank you for any insight.

Please help! My old cat eat poiseness plants. What can I give her to make her better. She has difficulty swallowing. Doesn t eat or drink. Has been like this for three days. Loosing weight. I can t afford bringing her to the animal hospital

My cat has been seen by many vets. No one knows what she has. Since little, she has these sort of blood bags under her chest skin that accumulate blood and from time to time a small wound opens and she leaks blood all over the house.It doesn t hurt it seems, she does her normal routine,plays,eats,drinks.First, vets said it was hormonal and she had to be neutered.she was and nothing s been 6 years.some say she won t die from it,others say it s cancer.there s no consensus. And it s very unpredictable and random. could it be something like endometriosis?

The cat that my wife has found and ended up keeping has been both sick and pregnant the moment that she found the cat. In this situation, I m guessing that the cat would need to be vaccinated, but with what type of vaccination? Later today, my wife is taking the pet to see the veterinarian and see how to cure her that way the pregnancy can be healthy.

What treatment should i gave to my puppy had a heart worm?

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