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Taking care of others comes so naturally to you.

It feels good to know that you re helping someone especially someone you care about. And, perhaps it s because you re a great problem-solver. Or that you love being busy. Plus, having others see you as their rock of support is always a nice bonus.

Once upon a time, you discovered that taking care of somebody else gave you energy.

More recently, however, you may have noticed that something seems to be missing. Some days it feels as though you re just going through the motions. When what you re really wanting is to feel rested and energized. Memories of a time when your seemingly boundless supply of energy was fueled by a clear sense of purpose have grown distant and vague.

You understand the importance of self-care. Especially that part about putting your oxygen mask on first.   But knowing something is a lot easier sometimes than doing it.

When your life is filled with doing for others, it s hard to find time for you. It doesn t make sense. How could self-care have become this seemingly unsolvable problem?

If you are reading this, and saying yes, this is me take heart. You re actually halfway there, because you re already a caring and nurturing person.

My name is Mary Elaine Kiener. RN, PhD .  As the Creative Energy Officer (CEO) here at ASK ME House, I ve developed Focused Self-Care just for you to help you care for yourself as well as you care for others.

It s just that self-care comes from a different state of mind (and heart!) than caring for others. Deep within you, the seeds of effective self-care are waiting often within that very feeling of emptiness. And they re needing you to nourish them into life.

So, Focused Self-Care is designed to help you create and sustain a slightly shifted sense of perspective that can end up making a world of difference for both yourself and those you care for.

The first step involves learning how to be with yourself in a gentle compassionate way that will then blossom into that sense of well-being that s been so elusive.

To help you take that first step, I have created a free 7-part e-course, Finding Center . just for you. Each lesson consists of a brief exercise that offers you a moment of luscious, nurturing self-care, while also introducing you to a basic skill that you ll use in Focused Self-Care.

You can sign up for the free Finding Center e-course (send a blank email ) or in the box below.

You may be wondering whether Focused Self-Care can really help you. You can read Is This You to find out who really benefits from this approach.

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