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Why is math so hard?

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A math word problem asks for the numerical answer to question about a story or situation. These problems also require calculation. To find how many Lego pieces John has after losing 17 of his 2,080 pieces, the solver must recognize that the word “losing” refers to subtraction. The answer equals 2,064, the value of 2,080 – 17.

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What is a multiple in math?

In math, the multiples of a number include all the numbers that result from multiplying that number by any whole number. A number’s multiples include the number itself plus the numbers that are divisible by it without leaving a remainder.

What are the math answers to all problems?

The math answers to all problems can not be contained in a succinct answer. Each math problem or equation has its own answer and must be individually solved. There are numerous online resources to assist with solving any given problem.

Where can you find free answers for math problems?

About.com suggests phone apps like Algebra Genie, Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant, Quadratic Master, and Algebra Boot Camp. Mathway and WebMath are online sites that offer free math answers.

Where can you find answers for Saxon Math problems?

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