What are some good interview questions to ask a plumber or a home

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What Industry Organizations Do They Belong To? Reputable tradesmen are proud of the industry organizations they belong to, and make it convenient for you to know their affiliations.

Can You Give Me a List of References?Contractors who do good work and treat their clients well are happy to have you talk with them/see their work.

Is There a Scope of Work Contract? Knowledgeable and experienced tradespeople know exactly what it takes to do the job right. Before a project begins, there should be a contract with a written scope of work. Professionals who take pride in their work and customer service rely on the scope of work so that expectations are met for both the homeowner and the contractor.

Ask All Your Questions Until You Get a Satisfactory Answer: Professionals with the knowledge and experience love to talk about their work. They understand your trust and comfort is part of a good working relationship, so they are happy to fulfill any request that proves their expertise.

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