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What is the role of chemistry in society?

Chemistry is a broad scientific field, and its relevance is seen in almost every aspect of society, including medicine, cooking, environmental processes, cleaning and manufacturing goods. Class notes from the Department of Chemistry at Michigan State University state that the Chemical Age is one of the great three ages of the 20th century, the others being the Nuclear Age and the Electronic Age.

Why is Antoine Lavoisier called the “Father of Modern Chemistry”?

Antoine Lavoisier earns the nickname “Father of Modern Chemistry” for his profound contributions to the field of chemistry, including the creation of the theory of oxygen’s chemical reactivity and joint authorship of the modern system of nomenclature for chemical elements. Antoine Lavoisier, whose full name is Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier, initially earned a law degree in accordance with the wishes of his father, a prominent lawyer himself. Ultimately, Lavoisier turned to a career in the sciences, his primary field of interest.

What is “organic chemistry” currently defined as?

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