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What to Ask a Psychic?

So, you have some issues that you d like to discuss with a psychic, and you have decided to consult with one. Once you have actually located one that appeals to you, and have set up a meeting, either by phone or in person or through an automated online service, the next step is to go and ask questions. But if you have never been to one before, you may not know what exactly to ask a psychic. Or, maybe you have been before but did not have the type of experience for which you were hoping. In this case, changing the types of questions you ask may be the key to improving your session the next time around. This article will provide some tips about what to ask a psychic during your reading.

Ask From a Position of Power

First, ask questions from a position of power. This is sometimes a difficult concept for people to understand. When someone goes to see a psychic, they often are in a vulnerable state because they are having some kind of problem with their lives. Nevertheless, when you ask a psychic a question, you should do so from a position of power and confidence. This will send a signal to your subconscious and your spirit that you are not a victim, you are merely someone who is addressing an issue in your life.

Patterns and Possibilities

Provide space and time for the answer. A psychic cannot predict the future or give you a definitive answer. What she or he can do is talk about patterns and possibilities. It is important to remember that, because the psychic is dealing with the spirit world, and with subtle mental faculties, it is important to give them room to provide direct yet broad answers. It is impossible to hold the spirit and when you ask a psychic about spiritual realities they will answer you in spiritual terms. Do not ask yes or no questions. Instead, phrase your questions so that the psychic can give you insight into the direction you are headed and recommendations for steering toward more positive outcomes.

Risky Questions

Avoid legal and medical advice. When you ask a psychic about these topics, you are actually putting them and their business at risk. Some psychics have been sued for giving people medical advice that turned out to have been unfounded. Your psychic may be able to give you a great reading about your general health and fitness goals, but if you ask a psychic questions about specific medical concerns-especially those of a serious nature-you may put them in an awkward position. They will want to provide you with good advice, but at the same time they need to protect themselves from possible legal action.

Confidence and Empowerment

In summary, when consulting with a psychic, present yourself as confident and clear about what you want to know. You are not a victim subject to their whims, you are the ultimate expert on yourself. Second, expect to hear about possibilities not certainties. You are the person who is responsible for taking what you learn and applying it to your life and your decisions. Finally, avoid asking about legal and medical matters expecting a definitive prediction. If you ask a psychic that is authentic, and works from integrity, these types of questions, you might end up being disappointed in their answer, but you will have much richer experience.

Ask a Psychic Now

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