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How accuate are blood tests for liver disease?

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All that is needed to speak to a doctor online is an Internet connection, a smart phone, computer or any mobile device with Internet capabilities. Some places to ask a healthcare professional a medical question are:

The Online Doctor website requires an account to be created before chatting with the available online doctors. A membership is required and only two answers are available in a 30-day period without a fee. The site uses Skype for video appointments.

Ask The Doctor provides a free service to anyone who wishes to sign up for an account. Simply enter a question into the text box for an immediate response.

DoctorSpring offers the ability, for a one-time consultation fee, to ask a doctor or a specialist a question, or to get a medical board opinion. Once the method of contact is selected, medical history documentation, files, images and method of payment is sent directly through a secured server. The service offers a quick and private response and allows for free follow-up questions to be asked.

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