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Why another glossary?

My hope here is to define terms that I see people struggling with every day, and to do so in a way that will make it easy for non-technical and non-computer-savvy people to understand.

There s a lot of terminology that gets thrown about when it comes to computers and technology. There are a lot of assumptions made about how much of the terminology you actually understand. There s a lot that is misunderstood.

In other words there is a lot of opportunity for clarification.

In plain English.

That s my goal.

Technically this site is under construction , but it will always be so. There will always be terms and abbreviations and TLA s that make their way into our world that will need explanation in clear English. I hope to have lots of interesting and perhaps even entertaining definitions of the terms and technology that we throw about so liberally in this industry.

I m interested in making sure this glossary defines the terms that you care about or that you don t quite understand. I m very interested in hearing from you. Have a term you d like to defined? Let me know here. Is an existing definition confusing? Let me know that too.

This glossary is primarily made up from the terms and terminology that I hear in people s questions and that I use in my answers on my technical question and answer site Ask Leo!. Sign up for the weekly Ask Leo! newsletter to get answers to the questions that real people just like you are asking every week.

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