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And Cortana said.

Windows 10 is here. and with it comes Cortana—Microsoft’s powerful, intelligent digital assistant. Spend just a few minutes with Cortana and it immediately becomes clear that she’s taken the customized awareness of Google Now and the chatty personality of Siri, and then kicked up the schtick several notches.

Cortana spits out funny responses on topics ranging from Siri to Surface to Steve Ballmer. She makes jokes and explains her Halo-inspired lineage. Here are 59 of the funniest answers we’ve found while goofing around. (Screenshots were taken from Windows Phone 8.1, rather than Windows 10, hence the stark interface.) And these tips extend beyond the Windows ecosystem: Cortana may be one of the standout features of Windows 10. but she just made her Android debut. and the digital assistant is scheduled to land on iOS devices later this year.

For maximum enjoyment, read the question on the bottom first, then Cortana’s answer on the top. And if you discover any questions we missed, please drop them in the comments!

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