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Cloud Computing Questions and Answers Windows Azure Platform

This set of Interview Questions Answers focuses on Microsoft Azure Platform .

1. Which of the following standard does Azure use ?

d) All of the mentioned

Explanation: The Azure Windows Services Platform API uses the industry standard REST, HTTP, and XML protocols that are part of any Service Oriented Architecture cloud infrastructure to allow applications to talk to Azure.

2. Point out the wrong statement:

a) An Amazon Machine Image can be provisioned with an operating system, an enterprise application, or application stack

b) AWS is a deployment enabler

c) Google Apps lets you create a scalable cloud-based application

d) None of the mentioned

Explanation: Google application can only work within the Google infrastructure, and the application is not easily ported to other environments.

3. What does IPsec in Azure platform refers to ?

a) Internet Protocol Security protocol suite

b) Internet Standard

c) Commodity servers

d) All of the mentioned

Explanation: IPsec refers to the Internet Protocol Security protocol suite for creating a secure Internet connection between two endpoints.

4. Which of the following web applications can be deployed with Azure ?

d) All of the mentioned

Explanation: Microsoft also has released SDKs for both Java and Ruby to allow applications written in those languages to place calls to the Azure Service Platform API to the AppFabric Service.

5. Point out the correct statement:

a) The Windows Azure service itThe Windows Azure Platform allows a developer to modify his application so it can run in the cloud on virtual machines hosted in Microsoft datacenters

b) Windows Azure serves as a cloud operating system

c) With Azure s architecture, an application can run locally, run in the cloud, or some combination of both

d) All of the mentioned

Explanation: Applications on Azure can be run as applications, as background processes or services, or as both.

6. A _________ role is a virtual machine instance running Microsoft IIS Web server that can accept and respond to HTTP or HTTPS requests.

Explanation: Worker roles can communicate with Azure Storage or through direct connections to clients.

7. Which of the following element allows you to create and manage virtual machines that serve either in a Web role and a Worker role ?

d) None of the mentioned

Explanation: Compute is the load-balanced Windows server computation and policy engine.

8. Which of the following element is a non-relational storage system for large-scale storage ?

d) None of the mentioned

Explanation: Azure Storage Service lets you create drives, manage queues, and store BLOBs.

9. Azure Storage plays the same role in Azure that ______ plays in Amazon Web Services.

d) All of the mentioned

Explanation: For relational database services, SQL Azure may be used.

10. Which of the following element in Azure stands for management service ?

c) virtual machines

d) none of the mentioned

Explanation: Virtual machines are instances of Windows that run the applications and services that are part of a particular deployment.

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