Would your life be better without a cell phone? #life #without #cell #phones


Gary Sernovitz doesn t have a cell phone.

For the last two decades, I have spent 83 percent of my waking hours enjoying the freedom of not owning a cellphone, 5 percent feeling smug about it, 2 percent in situations in which a phone would have been awfully convenient and 10 percent fielding incredulous questions, he wrote for the Wall Street Journal. But in a few weeks, I will buy a phone. I am scared. I am afraid of losing a small part of my identity.

Today s Question: Would your life be better without a cell phone?

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Yes Looking back at my phone usage over the decades. When I was in Junior High, I used the pay phone at school to ring my home phone, just one ring, to signal my mom I was waiting to be picked up after my after school activities. That way I got my dime back! Now if people don t get a-hold of me on the land-line they immediately call my cell. I really miss that feeling of independence, self reliance, and resilience I developed in the past exactly because I couldn t reach out and touch someone at a whim.

I still own an old school flip phone- it doesn t have internet and I refuse to get a smart phone. It s used more as an expensive watch, but I keep it around for emergencies.

In all seriousness, why does the proliferation of cells necessarily mean pay phones have to disappear? Does it cost someone money to just leave them there? Kinda liked knowing where I could find a pay phone, a few years back.

The popularity of cell phones made pay phones virtually obsolete. The cost of maintaining pay phones and the space they occupy made them a losing investment.
There was also a push by law enforcement to get rid of them as they were frequently used by drug dealers.

Seams like that would be an advantage for law enforcement

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