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With support for blocking pop-ups, this toolbar enables you to access all Yahoo! products (e.g. weather, mail, finance, messenger, etc.) without opening a new page

Staying up to date with news, e-mails, financial information and other such things requires very little nowadays. For example, those who like to use Yahoo! products, there is a simple means of reuniting all the facilities of the well-known service provider, through their toolbar (Yahoo! Toolbar).

With this application installed, you no longer need to navigate to the main page of Yahoo! in order to access the e-mail or the news section or perform a quick search. All these features and many more are available right from your browser, yet without having to open any website beforehand.

Access necessary information with one click

The good thing about such a toolbar is that it will load the Yahoo! webpage you need directly, so you can go, for example, to Yahoo! Mail, Games or Finances with one click. The search engine can find specific information by probing the entire web, or only the Images, Videos, News, Sports or Shopping sections of the Yahoo! portal.

Facebook incorporation and support for multiple accounts

The toolbar includes facilities for saving favorite pages to the bookmarks folder, as well as for creating or editing stock alerts and even portfolios in the Finance section. Facebook integration is a must and Yahoo! Toolbar also complies with this requirement of the present days.

Weather information is also present among the facilities offered by this utility and one of its most useful features if the ability to view the contents of the inbox of your mail accounts. The great thing about this latter characteristic is that it supports not only Yahoo! Mail accounts, but also others like Gmail for example.

Features pop-up blocking and Yahoo! Messenger options

Users of Yahoo! Messenger are not forgotten and the toolbar will enable them to access the list of contacts, modify the current status, get voice mail notifications and share interesting sites.

If you are plagued by pop-up or pop-under ads you will be glad to know that Yahoo! Toolbar can block these nuisances and prevent from opening windows that appear after some pages load or when you close the Internet browser.

Bottom line

To conclude, Yahoo! Toolbar is most useful for users that already use all or most Yahoo! services. The toolbar has indeed very useful features and if you want to add some extra functionality to your browser(s), it is well worth a try. The interface is suitable to all users, the response time is good and our tests did not reveal any hangs or errors.

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